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Rabbit Sales Policy

Updated 1/30/2024

Rud Ridge LLC Rabbit Sales Policy

Located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Updated 1/30/2024

A Docs Version of this Policy can be found here:

      Please take the time to read and understand the Rabbit Sales Policy of Rud Ridge LLC prior to agreeing upon the purchase of one or more of our rabbits. By paying a deposit and/or purchasing a rabbit from Rud Ridge LLC you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following terms. THESE TERMS APPLY EVEN IF YOU DID NOT FULLY READ THE DOCUMENT AND ARE IGNORANT TO SOME OR ALL OF ITS TERMS. These policies are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Rud Ridge. This document is necessary to not only inform as well as protect all human parties, but especially for the health and welfare of the rabbit(s).  

       Rud Ridge is a registered Rabbitry with the ARBA and NRRC. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion and without details or justification. In the best interest of the health and wellbeing of our herd, Rud Ridge is a closed Rabbitry. 

      In keeping with ethical and humane practices as well as in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 951.10 (2) NO RABBIT SHALL LEAVE RUD RIDGE PRIOR TO 8 WEEKS OF AGE. Rud Ridge’s policy is that most rabbits do not leave Rud Ridge prior to 12 weeks of age, especially on transport. Every rabbit leaves Rud Ridge well cared for and loved, however we are not responsible for any rabbit(s) after they leave Rud Ridge’s possession.


  • Rabbits are living, breathing, individual animals and as such come with few guarantees.

  • All rabbits sold by Rud Ridge are healthy to the best of their knowledge at the time of sale and exchange of possession.

  • Rud Ridge may choose to accept rabbit(s) back at any time if the buyer is unable or unwilling to continue caring for the rabbit(s). No questions asked. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN.

  • Rud Ridge is NOT liable for any transportation or vet bills incurred by rabbit(s) after they leave Rud Ridge’s possession.

  • Rud Ridge does NOT guarantee any rabbit’s future size, temperament, breeding ability, litter rearing ability, quality of offspring, show placement, longevity, consumption quality or other attributes. Buyer is purchasing the rabbit(s) as is, where is, in the presented condition at time of sale and exchange of possession.  

  • All rabbits at Rud Ridge are well handled and socialized from birth onward in order to attain the best quality and disposition. Under no circumstances are rabbits knowingly sold by Rud Ridge with aggressive personalities. 

  • Rud Ridge checks the sex of rabbit(s) at birth, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, and final confirmation before leaving Rud Ridge’s possession. Every effort is made to correctly determine the sex of every rabbit, though it is not 100% guaranteed.

  • Every rabbit will leave Rud Ridge with an assigned ID Number and tattoo in the left ear. This is non negotiable, and unalterable. Long term legibility of the tattoo can not be 100% guaranteed.

  • Rabbits provided with a pedigree at the time of sale will be in paper, pdf or Everbreed transfer format. Rud Ridge maintains records of all pedigrees before and after sale to the best of their ability, and all provided pedigrees are accurate to the best of their knowledge at the time they are provided.


Buyer Responsibility:

  • Buyer must be 18 years of age to purchase from Rud Ridge. If the buyer is under 18 years of age, consent of a parent or guardian must be given via direct conversation with Rud Ridge by phone.

  • Buyer is responsible for inspection of the rabbit(s) at the time the rabbit(s) leave Rud Ridge’s custody to affirm satisfaction in the sex, variety, and condition of the animal(s). Once the rabbit(s) have left Rud Ridge’s possession, either directly to the buyer or via transport, Rud Ridge is relieved of responsibility or liability.

  • It is advisable that Buyer quarantines all new rabbits, purchased from Rud Ridge or not, away from any other rabbit or other livestock as best biosecurity practices.

  • Buyer is responsible for continual maintenance of rabbit(s) pedigree, ID and tattoo. If you  need additional information about the rabbit(s) in the future, the ID/tattoo information is crucial in order for Rud Ridge to identify and pull information.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL A BUYER ALTER A PEDIGREE GIVEN BY RUD RIDGE. The prefix, rabbit name, ID/ear tattoo, sex, variety and date of birth must not be altered. Should a rabbit’s tattoo need to be touched up, Buyer MUST tattoo exactly the previous tattoo ID. Buyer chosen animal names MUST be in quotations AFTER the rabbit's given tattoo on any future pedigree.

  • Buyer is responsible for securing transport if needed. Buer is required to obtain approval from Rud Ridge prior to transport arrangement. Rud Ridge may suggest transports that are familiar with, but does not guarantee the price, quality, safety, or performance of independent transport companies.




  • Rud Ridge may supply photos, videos, background information, comparisons, pricing and other to interested parties. This does not constitute a promise to sell or deliver rabbit(s) from Rud Ridge unless and until the buyer chooses rabbit(s) and pays the deposit(s) required.

  • NOT EVERY SINGLE RABBIT BORN IN ANY GIVEN LITTER WILL BE FOR SALE. Rud Ridge does not sell just any rabbit. Though no animal ever created is 100% perfect, Rud Ridge strives to provide quality we would be happy to have in our barn for any given purpose.

  • If the answer to the rabbit(s) you are inquiring about is “no”, please believe there is a reason. Pets will not be provided a pedigree. 

  • In keeping with Rud Ridge’s biosecurity practices, meet and greets are not routinely granted. Rud Ridge puts a whole lot of hard work, care, love and stewardship into our rabbits. Trust that we put just as much work into matching them with their new humans.

  • Rud Ridge may bring multiple rabbits to an exchange for the buyer to choose from if there are multiple rabbits available and one or more rabbits are paid for in full by the buyer. THIS SCENARIO IS EXTREMELY RARE.


In Search Of / Waitlists

  • Effective October 2023 we do not maintain a waitlist.

  • Given the multiple varieties, pairings, and unpredictability of viability of litters Rud Ridge can not guarantee that what you are searching for will be available.

  • Rud Ridge does not maintain waitlists and if you see a specific litter you are interested in it is best to reach out and let us know.

  • Rud Ridge reserves the right to cancel any sale, at any time, for any reason without warning or explanation.



  • Rud Ridge will not take deposits nor reserve rabbit(s) in upcoming litters nor any litter under 4 weeks of age. Deposits go towards the purchase price of the rabbit(s).

  • ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE AND NONTRANSFERABLE unless the rabbit(s) become unsaleable in Rud Ridge’s care, Rud Ridge cancels the sale, or Rud Ridge is unable to make a previously agreed upon meet for delivery.

  • Rabbit(s) will not be held without a deposit.

  • Rud Ridge reserves the right to change the price of any rabbit(s) at any time for any reason without explanation prior to a deposit being made.


Payments and Pricing

  • Rabbit(s) must be paid in full prior to leaving Rud Ridge’s possession.

  • Farming is a fluid business, animals are individuals, and as such Rud Ridge reserves the right to set prices at what they deem fair at the time of discussion for purchase and receipt of deposit.

  • Rud Ridge typically sends rabbits to their new homes at 12 weeks of age. Holding of rabbits for the buyer for any reason past 14 weeks of age may require an additional holding fee.

  • Purchase of rabbit(s) at a particular price at one point in time does not guarantee future pricing for additional rabbit(s).  

  • Accepted forms of payment are PayPal Friends and Family, Cash, or any combination thereof.


  • Rud Ridge is located in Southwestern Wisconsin. Please take this into consideration and understand if transport is needed.

  • Rud Ridge will self transport any of our rabbit(s) up to 50 miles from Mineral Point, WI without any additional charge for rabbits paid in full. 

  • Rud Ridge may agree to self transport within the entire state of Wisconsin, Eastern portion of Iowa, Northern portion of Illinois, or the Southwestern portion of Minnesota for an additional predetermined fee agreed upon by both parties prior to deposit/delivery.

  • Rud Ridge may work with other outside transports, however Rud Ridge reserves the right to refuse to work with any transport at any time and for any reason. Additionally transport costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer. 

  • If Rud Ridge is required to travel to meet outside transport it must be less than 50 miles from Mineral Point, WI. Further distances may be discussed at an additional fee.

  • Rud Ridge reserves the right to deny any transport date, time, or location.


Delivery & Pickup Procedures

  • Rud Ridge is a CLOSED rabbitry. Arrangements for a date, time and location will be made and agreed upon at the time the rabbit is reserved.

  • All locations for meetings will be public. Typically this means a Kwik Trip, Farm and Fleet, Fleet Farm, Walmart, etc.

  • Rud Ridge strives to be flexible should the need arise to move a Delivery/Pickup date, time, or location. However, this is a courtesy and all monies paid by the buyer to Rud Ridge are nonrefundable if accommodations can not be made, or if the date is changed more than twice. Additional holding fee may apply.

  • Rud Ridge does not provide cages. Please bring your own cage or sturdy cardboard box with holes for ventilation to take home your new rabbit(s)

  • Buyer is welcome and encouraged to evaluate, handle, inspect and otherwise look over their rabbit(s) to ensure they are satisfied. Once the rabbit is in the buyer’s possession they have accepted the animal and Rud Ridge is not responsible.

  • Buyers who No Show or simply change their mind about a purchase will not be refunded any portion of monies paid to Rud Ridge for the rabbit(s) or transport. 

  • Rud Ridge feeds Purina Professional Rabbit Feed and Timothy Hay. A bag of transition Purina feed will be supplied with the rabbit(s). 


Finally, Thank You…

      Thank you for taking an interest in Rud Ridge and our Rabbits. As a small family farm we strive to provide Rabbits that you can feel our love in from the moment you bring them home. We beam with pride every time someone compliments our rabbits on their temperament, social nature, structure and quality. The best compliment is those who have come back to us again and again to add to their own herd. Whatever your purpose or vision for the rabbits you acquire, Rud Ridge welcomes all and strives to be a resource for encouragement and support. We also LOVE updates! If you acquire a rabbit from Rud Ridge or not, we hope you will follow along with us on Facebook at RudRidgeWisconsin!


Every Bunny Needs A Friend Who Is All Ears, And You’ll Find Them At Rud Ridge.

Rud Ridge LLC in Mineral Point, WI

(608) 772-8097




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