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What Customers Are Saying About Us

Rud Ridge takes outstanding care of their buns. They have a huge heart behind producing well put together and great mannered rabbits. I couldn’t recommend them more!!


Sweet, well socialized rabbits. Definitely the friendliest Rex I have in my barn. 
Sarah is very responsive to messages, easy to work with, and always going out of her way to accommodate people. She spends a lot of time talking and answering questions! 
She has a great variety of options whether you’re looking for pets, show prospects, or meat breeding. 
Highly recommend 🙂


Not only does Rud Ridge raise the most outstanding rabbits, the care and support given to new rabbitrys is incredible.

When my first litter of rabbits was born I lost the mother, and had an orphaned litter, Rud Ridge went above and beyond to help me find a foster for them. Then several months later she arranged for a “bunny bouquet” and gifted me with several more little ones.

She continues to offer her knowledge and expertise whenever I need it. Our rabbitry would not be where It is today without Rud Ridge’s support. 100% the best rabbitry I have ever worked with.


Rud Ridge has awesome rabbits. We've purchased several from them and all are healthy, QUALITY rabbits.  And they are so helpful w answering any questions that have come up for us. Even about rabbits we didn't purchase from them. They are an great place to purchase from and an amazing resource!


Rud Ridge has some of the NICEST rabbits I have ever seen, not just in type - but also in temperament - which is a HUGE factor for me when buying rabbits from other rabbitries. Sarah not only sent me updated pics and weights as we were waiting for transport date, but also answered every question I had and had been phenomenal to work with and get to know. She puts so much time and effort into bettering her herd and it really shows.


Great communication, open to discussing needs/wants, educational, and over all just well rounded rabbit breeder. Will continue to recommend to others as well as they have been great to work with even all the way down here in Florida.


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